Kalós Wines was started by the Losada family, who took up residence in Mendoza 20 years ago. The family decided to produce wines of the highest quality as a way to pay tribute to the wine of the region and thank local people for their hospitality. That is why the philosophy behind Kalós Wines is to produce high-quality wines in small quantities. The wines were created to pay tribute to Calixto, the Losada family’s grandfather. That is why the family decided to use his lifetime stories as a source of inspiration for the names of the wines. 59 Novias evokes the 59 girlfriends that he boasted of having during his youth. Malbec Clásico 59N brings them all together, as it is sourced from the best grapes of Maipú and Altamira

Kalós Wines 59N Malbec 2017

SKU: 1601
  • VARIETAL 100% Malbec
    VINEYARD Rodeo del Medio, in Maipú, and San Pablo, in Tupungato, province of Mendoza. VINE AGE 15-25 years
    SOIL Alluvial layers of loam, rock, and gravel ALTITUDE 750 - 1000 Meters above sea level

    LOCATION Mendoza,Argentina
    ALCOHOL 14.5%
    TOTAL PRODUCTION 2,083 Cases